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Codes P0135 and P2610 [mod: 05-06 recall]

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Wifey just came back from a 900-mile round-trip to Oregon in her new 2006 five-speed, and averaged 77.3mpg for the whole trip despite having to go over the mountains. 8)
She got a MIL on the way up :cry: which went away after a day in Medford and since her mileage was great I said to drive it back. The MIL came back on shortly before reaching home. According to my ScanGaugeII (love it!) two codes were set: P0135 and P2610, which don't show up in my 2003 manual (or maybe I'm not reading it right). Can anyone help decipher this so I can be a little smarter when/if I turn the car in to Honda to look at it? Thanks in advance. JoeS.
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... performed a software update.

... they kept the car ... and racked up 7.7 miles at 29.3mpg, ...
Just had that computer software glitch updated at the local dealer in Wilkes-Barre. Took about an hour and a half but as the agent was given the keys, the individual was advised that I am very much interested in keeping the high MPG data which the car has; on a twenty four some mile run, got a hair over 70 MPG that morning. When I got the car back, I'd only lost two or three MPG, probably as a result of the engine being turned off and on again, several times - just helps I guess to give them notice in advance regarding the owner's interest in keeping up the high MPG reading/recording.

Fred :)
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