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collision repair in Boston area?

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Looks like I'll be in need of one right now. Does anybody have any recommendations of body shops or collision centers in the Boston area? Are there any that aren't complete butchers?

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I took my previous car, an Audi A4, to "Allston Auto Body", 55 Brighton Ave, Allston (617-254-6621) to get the front air dam put back in place after I ran it up over a curb. A friend referred them to me, and I thought they did a good job. But it was a simple repair, no metal body work. And I have no idea if they know how to work on aluminum.

Sorry to hear you need work done. No harm to the occupants, I hope?


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All humans were fine, thanks for asking. But we're left with one slightly damaged Civic and one badly smashed Insight...

I guess I'm looking for anybody who had aluminum work done in the area west or north of Boston.

Thanks for your support!
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