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Hey all, I just saw this posted on /., thought it looked interesting. The site has some pictures and such, not sure what the compatability is going to be.
The TurboXS DTEC is a revolutionary new product that turns your Nintendo® Gameboy Advance into a programmable, upgradeable, automotive performance tool for tuning, data logging, and diagnostics.
The DTEC plugs into your Gameboy Advance (GBA) and comes preloaded with software that lets you use your Gameboy as a Boost Gauge, Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge, Air Temperature Gauge and Tachometer. Future plug-n-play sensors will allow everything from Knock Indication to Vehicle Acceleration (ie. G-Force). All sensors are sold separately.

Hi Vbrtrmn:
vbrtrmn said:
… All sensors are sold separately.
___I can just imagine the cost for these separate codes.

___Holicow is right on the money … Any laptop, Palm, and even a WM based PDA can be turned into a scan tool and it doesn’t cost much more then $150.00 including the SW w/ codes and capabilities far beyond what Nintendo will offer, free SW updates for life (whatever life means in the SW world ;)), and the HW interface for a really nice DIY setup. Laptop, Palm, or WM based PDA sold separately of course.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:qbibovv0][email protected][/email:qbibovv0]
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