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****BE SURE TO ALSO CHECK THE: Modifications and Technical Issues STICKY****
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In short, the purpose of this sticky is to:
-Stop the 10+ pages of closely duplicated results that come up when searching for a topic
-Make finding quality information easy and fast
-Make Insightcentral a better resource
If you have a better link/source than one posted here, or make a good DIY etc. send me a PM

Start here first:

-In the upper left hand corner of this page (Under the picture of the Insight) is the Google search bar. It works well! This sticky is meant to be used with the search feature.

-To search for a term or word in this sticky or in a PDF service manual etc., press "ctrl-f" to open a search box in the upper right-hand corner of the window, type the word into the box, and use the arrows to find all occurrences in the text

-I agree, the multi-post format of this sticky is annoying. Unfortunately the forum limits post character count. Use "Ctrl--" and "Ctrl-+" to zoom out/in

-2000-2006 Insight Service Manual (This will show you how to replace almost anything on the car)

-Advanced Insight Service Manual; A compiled version is here (This is an even more detailed repair guide)

-Owners Manual (the style of ~200pg owners manual that comes with every new car)

-Insight user manual (This is also called the "Insight Central Encyclopedia" or Interactive Encyclopedia. Another version can be found here)

-Trouble codes, Diagnostics, and Links (This is a Google spreadsheet, use "ctrl-f" to search easily for your term)
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12V Battery options
(see Modifications and Technical Issues sticky)

12V Starter doesn’t work
How to test the 12V starter
12V Starter doesn't work

Air Conditioning
Guide to installing A/C system

Air Filter
Replacing the air filter
Installing K&N air filter
Who has tried a K&N air filter?
K&N air filters

Alignment Question

Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
Relocating the AATS

Front Brake Job (Guide)
Front brake guide
How to change front brakes
More info on changing the front brakes
Difference b/t CVT & MT brake pads & suspension

Catalytic Converter Information

A Guide on How to Change Your Clutch
Needed: Procedure for Clutch replacement
Replacing the Clutch Slave & Master
Clutch chatter fixed
Grinding in 1st gear (how to drive a manual, how to adjust clutch pedal)

Cooling System/Heating system
Insight Coolant Flow Diagram
Overheating problem (includes "How to bleed/purge cooling system" video)
Thermostat walkthrough

CVT Fluid change
How to replace CVT fluid
CVT fluid change

EGR plate cleaning
New EGR valve option- 1999 Accord EGR works perfect
EGR valve repair ideas
EGR valve internal repair
I do not recommend cleaning the EGR with WD40
Cleaning the EGR with the help of the 12V battery, and EGR Valve discovery
EGR Valve trick
Modifying EGR for improved economy

Engine mounts
Bad engine mounts, need help
Filled rear motor mount
Replace rear engine mount
Polyurethane engine mounts

EPS -Electric Power Steering
EPS/Power steering

2001 vs 2004 exhaust (with pictures)

Fuel system (Gas)
How to change fuel pump and fuel gauge sender
Fuel tank capacity?
Gas fumes inside car
Repair leaking fuel lines in engine bay near firewall
Fuel line failure modification
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Engine/Mechanical pt. 2:

Ground locations
Ground locations
Repaired and upgraded engine ground wires

“Herky Jerky” -Bucking/Jerking/Shuddering/Lugging etc.:
Herky jerky finally fixed
Bad case of herky jerky
Done everything else- try rear motor mount
I don't think it's EGR- herky jerky
Engine shudder on verge of assist

Input shaft bearing
Pictures, tips- My 5 speed input shaft bearing replacement
Input shaft bearing replacement

Lower control arms; see: "Suspension noise from front"

Manual Transmission
What MT oil?
Does skipping gears cause accelerated wear?

O2 Sensor Information
Wrong O2 sensors, and What O2 Sensor Replacement?

Oil Change Information
Honda PDF Diagram
Changing my own oil, and Super quick, easy oil change
Fumoto drain valve, and Dorman ez drain valve
Larger oil filter info
DIY ramps for low profile cars, and the Jacking thread
Used oil analysis
Bob Is The Oil Guy (Forum for oil discussion)

Oil leaks
Front seal
Oil leak
Replacing front main seal- what's entailed?
Front seal- need service manual

Oil pan
Oil pan second chance
Damn, oil pan replacement time
Oil pan replacement, need info

(Regularly) Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
See pages 148-154 of the Owners Manual
Honda recommended service intervals

Shuddering in reverse
Done everything else, try rear motor mount
Engine shudder on verge of assist

Spark plugs
Instructions on changing spark plugs
Spark plug removal & installation
New spark plug indexing
Spark plugs

SRS light
Warranty information regarding SRS

Suspension noise from front
Source of my front suspension noise
Scrunching noise- Lower control arm bushings

Swaying/drifting/tracking on freeway (see also: Modifications & Technical Issues- Suspension)
Freeway tire grooves, swaying car

Tires (see also: Modifications & Technical Issues- Suspension)
175/65R14 Discussion
Michelin ES 165/65R14

Valve adjustment
Valve adjustment procedure write up
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IMA System:

Auto-Stop inoperable (Autostop)
How to repair ambient sensor wire
Auto-Stop not working in ECON mode

Auto-Stop stalling (Autostop)
Insight Stalling in Auto Idle Stop

Removing/Disabling/Bypassing IMA battery (Or “How to drive on gas only”)
Disconnecting BCM to drive without IMA
How to bypass and run on gas only
Help with IMA bypass

High pitched noise

IMA battery repair options & cost
(See: IMA Battery in Modifications & Technical Issues)


Blower Motor
Of mice and the cabin blower...

Cabin Air Filter
Cabin air filter replacement
Pollen filter- How to

Door handles flaking
Lower cost option- flaking door handle

Glove box rattling
Rattling glove box door

How much should a key cost?
Alternative cheap key cutting sources
Ridiculous range of prices for duplicate transponder keys
Getting eBay blanks programmed by the dealer?
A story about transponder keys
Getting a replacement key made?

Key Fob
Replacing battery (battery size)
How to program a Honda keyless entry remote
Cheaper key fob alternative
Problem programming a key fob
Key fob failure and repair

Hatch struts
Tired of the hatch falling on you?
Hatch strut replacement
Hatch strut replacement help
Lift cylinders for trunk
Hatchback lift support

Headliner removal
How to remove headliner

Dashboard/Instrument Cluster

Rear hatch lock inoperable
Trunk not opening, Trunk not opening 2
Hatch latch assembly

Reset LMPG
Reset LMPG

How to replace front & rear struts/shocks

Water Leaks
All water leaks fixed
Roof seam leak repair- not wet seatbelts
Wet seatbelts -pictures on page 10

Window auto down not working
Window doesn’t roll up and/or down
Windows roll up/down slowly
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