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In short, the purpose of this sticky is to:
-Stop the 10+ pages of closely duplicated results that come up when searching for a topic
-Make finding quality information easy and fast
-Make Insightcentral a better resource
If you have a better link/source than one posted here, or make a good DIY etc. send me a PM

Start here first:

-In the upper left hand corner of this page (Under the picture of the Insight) is the Google search bar. It works well! This sticky is meant to be used with the search feature.

-To search for a term or word in this sticky or in a PDF service manual etc., press "ctrl-f" to open a search box in the upper right-hand corner of the window, type the word into the box, and use the arrows to find all occurrences in the text

-I agree, the multi-post format of this sticky is annoying. Unfortunately the forum limits post character count. Use "Ctrl--" and "Ctrl-+" to zoom out/in

-2000-2006 Insight Service Manual (This will show you how to replace almost anything on the car)

-Advanced Insight Service Manual; A compiled version is here (This is an even more detailed repair guide)

-Owners Manual (the style of ~200pg owners manual that comes with every new car)

-Insight user manual (This is also called the "Insight Central Encyclopedia" or Interactive Encyclopedia. Another version can be found here)

-Trouble codes, Diagnostics, and Links (This is a Google spreadsheet, use "ctrl-f" to search easily for your term, for advanced use)

-Honda Insight Gen 1 Resource Library, and more Manuals/Documents/Videos/etc.
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Interior pt. 2:


(Also see: "Fuel Economy" below)
Rear wiper plug, and Removed the rear wiper/motor
Aero side mirrors
Mods you've done to make your Insight more aerodynamic
3-Wheeler (Jim's) Insight: Tail extension project, Undertray, photo album, thread
Simple aero mods?
How much do the rear wheel covers help?
Most aerodynamic windshield wipers?
Aero side indicators
Passenger mirror and rear wiper delete
Geo Metro removable tail

Harbor Freight air horn install
Nautilus air horn install
Air horn wiring question
Adding louder, additional horns- lessons learned
Horns and other owner mods
New horns
Freeway blaster, low tone horn

Guide to Projector headlights
Blackhousing headlights
LED upgrades inside and out
LED Lights- how to
LED brake light problem, and here, and LED lights upgrade

Vinyl wrapped Insight (guide)
Cheap match for Milano Red

Sunroof thread

Window vents

Windshield washers

Wheel cover cut outs

Will Acura wheels fit?
Installed my Volks today
Mugen RNRs on my Insight
Black wheels
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Fuel Economy:

Beginner Modifications (where to begin)
Fuel economy mods by the numbers

Cooling System Related (Warming Engine, Radiator Blocks, etc.)
Highwater's Engine Blanket, and questions, other blanket discussion
Thermos modification
Remote block heater pump
1 6x17 cardboard piece 10 mpg, yup no lie
Radiator block/Hot air intake modifications
Water temp gauge vs Scangauge (Dash gauge in degrees)

Controlling assist/regen
Brake and clutch switch walkthrough
The Original: Calpod- How to disable Assist/Regen (AKA "CARD" Switch- Calpod Assist-Regen Disabler)
Calpod Clutch switch + Indicator light
Corey's Max-Regen (brake) Switch

Controlling Forced Auto-Stop (FAS)
Removing Auto-Stop Inhibitors
FAS. it works!
Question to Calpod re: The original FAS
Complete FAS Mod
Some FAS options
Automatic Low Speed Auto-Stop
Relocating the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
Automatic Low speed Auto-Stop
Elegant FAS Discussion
Inelegant FAS

Lean Burn
Lean burn hack?

Throttle Smoothing
Giving the Insight a good driver
Smoothing throttle input to stay in lean burn
TPS Circuit mod question
Adjustable TPS circuit question
Tps filter mod

Grid chargers/Battery chargers
(See: "IMA Battery" below[/URL])

Resistor Modification (to alter timing and performance)
Resistor tweak

Has anyone tried Claude Akley's muffler mod?
Modified Cakley muffler mod
A Bypass pipe buried in the OEM muffler

How To: Under-Body Air Smoothing Panels
[URL=""]Work in progress: DIY front under panel

[/URL] 3-Wheeler's guide on ecomodder
Undertray that didn't work
Japanese Insight- Undertray (I think he goes into more detail elsewhere- if you find the link please tell me)
Mitsubishi undertray guide
Cheap fix using a throwaway metal pan

Warm/Hot air intakes
Automatic warm air intake
Hot Air Mod & Radiator Block

Weight reduction
Some weighty news
Engine and IMA battery weight
Lose 17 lbs of ugly fat
For sale- Lightened 2006
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IMA Battery:

Better battery cooling
Batery fan upgrade project

Grid Chargers/Battery Chargers
Welcome to the forum. A grid charger is a wise investment that usually will significantly improve the life of your battery.

There are three main options on where/how to get a grid charger.
(1) You can build a 'simple' one yourself. Here is a good thread with info.
(2) You can have a simple charger built for you - I build them and offer them for sale. Here is more info.
(3) The third option is Mike's 'complex' Genesis One charger. It has many features that the 'simple' units do not have, but is understandably more expensive. Here is more info.

All three are great options. Making the decision is a personal choice that really boils down to how much you want to spend, whether you want to build it yourself, and which features you feel are necessary. :)
Where to buy a grid charger:
Mike's original Grid Charger/Balancer thread Using the Universal Grid Charger, external link to Mike's website
Jeff652's grid charger, external link (includes an overview, installation guide, and operating instructions)

Member Built Chargers:
My grid chargers (retepsnikrep)
My multi-voltage grid charger (TopFuelTim)
Check out my custom grid charger (Artric) and, Shopping list
My grid charger build & install (Bugone)
My relatively inexpensive grid charger build (DimensionDude)
Grid Charger Mod (cycledoc)
Grid charger parts list (Bornloser)

Information about grid chargers:
The original "Grid charger/balancer" thread
Using the universal grid charger
Grid charger power supplies
How to trickle charge the HV battery
Grids/Mains charging/balancing battery pack project
retepsnikrep Grid charger manual/Info (external link)
Art's Grid Charger Installation (external link, video)

Questions about grid chargers:
Grid charger questions
How to bring up a low battery without a grid charger
New owner, question about grid chargers
Is weekly grid charging detrimental?
Questions regarding grid charger/Calpod switch
"Better Battery" and grid charging?
Grid charging the Accord hybrid?

Dyno testing
Dyno run

Electronic Modifications
Inside the G1 MDM & more power!
Resistor Modification (to alter timing and performance)
Resistor tweak


Wilwood brakes

Engine swaps
1.2L TDI Insight Build Completed
The K-Sight


Polyurethane Engine Mounts

Turbocharged Insight
Production Turbo Kit
Turboing RHD Insight
My turbo build
Turbo mod 2
Turbo kit experience

Race/Heavily modified cars
UK MK1 Rally Insight

Storage/Hauling with/of Insight:

Bike/roof racks
Roof rack 1
Roof rack 2 (saris)
Roof rack 3 (homemade)
Roof rack 4 (hitch)
Roof rack 5
Roof rack 6
Roof rack 7
Roof rack 8
Roof rack 9
Roof rack 10 (load capacity)
Roof rack 11 (bicycle)
Roof rack 12 (boat)
Roof rack 13 (bicycle rack again)
Roof rack 14 (bicycle)

Trailers/Trailer Hitch/Towing/Hauling
Yves fungiart
Trailer hitch
Battery trailer ideas
Gen1 trailer hitch
Insight trailers?
What can fit in an Insight's camping trip
Hauling a motorcycle with the Insight?
Can I put my laser sailboat on the roof of my Insight?
Because sometimes you need to move a snowblower

Towing an Insight
Anyone tow an Insight behind a RV?
Trailering a G1 Insight?
Towing behind UHaul?


Making an Insight Handle- Any tips?

Ground Control coilover kit
Chevy Aveo rear spring replacement, Daewoo Matiz rear spring replacement, and Insight rear springs
Rear shocks, cheaper alternative (measurements)
Cutting Matiz Springs (with pictures) , and (Installed Matiz springs)
Rear Shock Replacement-My Version
Rear suspension bumpstops
Rear shocks (refilling with oil)
Koni custom suspension (page 4)
Wider tires
25mm wheel spacers for rear

Stabilizer/Sway bars
Rear sway bar installed
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User interface systems:

New MIMA thread
Official MIMA website
Steering wheel controls?, and How to wire steering mounted controls?
Arduino MIMA gauge

IMAC&C For EU/UK Users
IMAC&C for the HCH1

OBDIIC&C User Manual (see post #5)
We however have the following OBDIIC&C threads currently running. Please choose the most relevant when posting.

The manual thread, soley for my user manual and instruction posts. Locked!
OBDIIC&C User Manual

The main thread for all general queries, questions & comments.

The performance testing thread and spreadsheet. 30-60 & 50-70 mph times, discussion.
OBDIIC&C Performance Testing

The ampere & watt hour counting thread.
Amp Hour counting with the OBDIIC&C Gauge

The RGB edition and other lcd mods thread.
OBDIIC&C Gauge RGB LCD edition and other modifications

The gauge build notes thread for self assemblers.
OBDIIC&C Gauge Build Notes

The gauge troubleshooting thread.
OBDIIC&C Troubleshooting

The Civic HCH1 version thread.
OBDIIC&C HCH1 Gen 1 Civic Hybrid

Related threads include.

The ECM/MCM/BCM revison thread and spreadsheet which applies to all Honda IMA cars.
BCM, MCM & ECM Revisions

Please review any of these you are unfamiliar with and add data to the spreadsheets as relevant.
The more data we accumulate the better our understanding of the cars will become.

Thanks Peter
OBDII Interface

Scangauge II
A Scangauge (or Scangauge2) is a OBDII compliant code scanner and data display.

They cost about $160-$200 (us) and will plug into most recent model cars. (Most everything from 86 and on.)

It will read and clear trouble codes (Check engine light.) as well as give you a real time display of your fuel economy, engine temps, throttle position, exhaust O2 levels, horsepower, miles to empty... (The list goes on.)

In an Insight with fuel economy gauge built in, it is less useful. Unless you are using a radiator block, hot air intake, or other modification and want to stay safe.

try googling the name "Scangauge" to learn more.
Normal numbers
Find ICE sweet spot
SCii Help
Water temp gauge vs Scangauge
Thumbs up SCii
FCD vs Scangauge
Make your own cheap cable
Comparison to other OBD monitors:
Vs Auterra Palm
Vs "e"
Mounting locations:
Scangauge Display
A Cool way to mount
Where did you mount yours?

Other OBDII interface systems

Miscellaneous Links:

Autopia (anything and everything you could ever want to know about car detailing)
Honda bolt info
US Composites (quality fiberglass and related products)
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Can someone tell me which Fumoto size and thread pitch to buy?
Search Fumoto in the upper left. You'll get lots of hits.

bookmarking this one

(will be needing to replaced some aero. namely the fender liner and the piece that goes in front of the front wheels)
It looks like the first link for the cruise control is dead- is there any way to get back to it? I've tried every search method I know and no dice.
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