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Computer Engine Control Help!!

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Does anyone know if the electronic brain control part numbers have to match?
I have
And can only find:
LKQ has: 1K000- PHM-904

Will that work? please help!!
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Diagnosis from Honda dealer.I have a two yr old 8A battery and an IMA light. Electric motor not working. ( It's a manual) So how does one know what number will work?
Ok thanks both you guys...I have another post of the codes I pulled how do I reference that to show you?
Also I'm already into them for $120.00 & have located a local ECM for 85.00. They told me they had a 20 yr & a 10 yr mechanic that"knew" them So ...You don't think it's worth a try?? Know of anyone in the Kansas area that really knows the gen 1??
So Ive heard BOTH .....the MCM numbers matter & the numbers don't matter...Which is it??
What's a guy to do I acty love this car & it would really benefit from having the IMA working... Especially with the new battery.!
Should I risk the dealers diagnosis ???
These were the codes I got when I first purchased it. I have the shop manual but not the time to master it!
P1644 (MOTFSA)
P1576 (MDM))
P1449 (BATT MODULE Overheat?)
This beloved 01 Insight has 154,000 miles and a 2 yr old 8A bumblebee battery that is off warranty. The PO ran it for a yr with no issues & until it developed an IMA light.It then sat for a while and I was instructed to replace the ECM which did nothing. After that I got the above mention codes & now have it at a local Honda dealership that diagnosed it as a bad MCM . I found one and will see what happens. After all your help with these posts, I don't have much faith that will fix it. I do appreciate the suggestions for checking the wiring, that's something I can do Also I will try & get the dealer to use their system to get to the "root causes" from the sub codes as my scanner is somewhat limited. Please stay with me!!
Appreciate all the help/suggestions!
Oh and another thing about it.. A " little voice" has been telling me to grid charge the battery in case maybe because it sat so long it is asleep or something. Mudder mentioned the battery could have become unbalanced...? Haven't purchased a grid charger ..yet.
But the IMA light came on for the PO before it was parked......
I'm located in Emporia Ks a town of 30,000
The only Insight in town, we've got Kansas City to the North and Wichita to the South.
The car is at the dealership in Lawrence, Monday we'll see if the MCM makes any difference. Thanks for all your help!
I really appreciate all the input.I won't know how to proceed until Monday (March 13) when they receive the MCM. I am wondering what they will say. I have been traveling and will probably take it home regardless and continue to dig for the answer. Stay tuned and help us all learn
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Well here we go, Monday at the Honda dealership they asked me to give them one more day as they had installed the used MCM. Which they said " cleared the P1644 code but they wanted to call Honda and be sure of their diagnosis which was they think the battery is dead" According to them, replacing the MCM revealed three more codes that require a good battery to trace. The three codes are: P1576, P1558, P1568. I gave them till Tuesday and they stuck to that diagnosis. On my journey home I realized they had left the battery switch in the on position which caused the car to run off the small 12v battery and it died on the highway. After three- four hours waiting on a roll back, and no call back from this dealer I was a bit frustrated. Then the door handle broke! Anyway, they charged me $380.00 plus I bought the MCM for $ 85.00 and the car is worse than when I brought it in. So now what???
I don't want to give up....
Thanks Scott I was driving it in that mode by switching the main breaker in the back & disconnecting two molex plugs on the ECM.
Pulling fuse 18 would sure be easier. I am use to the delayed start. I don't want to give up on the battery project. This is a 3-4 yr old Bumblebee replacement ( which I thought would be redeemable). Can the big battery be grid charged with any twelve volt source?
You guys were correct ...After replacing the MCM I'm $400.00 lighter and still no IMA. The Dealer told me the battery needs to be replaced. What do I do Now?
Can I grid charge it with any good battery charger or do I have to get a bona fide Insight grid charger? Are there any other options?
The bumble bee battery is 4yrs old, I thought it would last longer than that. After speaking with them I guess they are just refurbished battery's.
I love the car but could sure use the Xtra boost going uphill..Im wearing out the clutch downshifting!!
Please any suggestions ??
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