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Conserving time

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I've only owned my second-hand insight for a couple weeks but I have no complaints.

I have enjoyed the tips for improving fuel economy on this site. (I've been a fan of the 50 psi tire setting for many years prior to my Insight purchase) I've read many accounts on this site about the high fuel economy that can be achieved by slowing down. I've heard many people going 55 mph on the highway or even slower.

So, I made some rough calculations to help me consider slowing down...

I drive about 130 mi per day. I compared 2 scenarios: #1) maintaining a average speed of 55 mph and returning 80 mpg. #2) maintaining a 72 mph average and returning 60 mpg. Some of you may think these numbers are high or low...perhaps you would do better or worse. But I just wanted a rough idea.

So assuming gas is $2.00 / gal... I calculated the money saved by slowing down: $1.08 ( per day by slowing from 72 to 55 mph)

Next I calculated the additional time required to make this slower commute: 33 minutes.

That works out to a return of $1.96 for an hour of my time. I realize getting high mpg numbers has become a bit of a hobby for some of you, so that enjoyment is neglected by this analysis. But does anyone really think this is worthwhile??

I plan to speed up.
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