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I'm trying, Wayne, I'm trying.

I bought my 2000 5-speed Insight in March. It had lifetime mpg of 47.4 at 15,000 miles. Since I've had it, the lmpg has risen to 51.2 at 26,000 miles, and it's still climbing.

I'm not sure ... what's the math on that?

Anyway, short of the pizza-delivery guy who posted here a while back, I don't see how you could get just 47 miles per gallon. I'm not exactly what you call a pokey driver, my region has a lot of hills, and a lot of my driving is stop-and-go in the city. But I'm obviously doing in the mid- to high 50s in the city and the 60s and 70s on the highway. I'm sure I'd cringe if I saw my previous driver's habits -- which obviously seem foreign to mine.
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