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Hello all-

I've just been handed news from the service shop that my 2000 Insight with 80300 miles needs a new control unit. It just had the immobilizer replaced (thanks for everyone for the answers on that problem) at 79000 miles, and the same problem occured this morning- electrical all on, car won't start. Again, the service center said I needed the control unit replaced.... costing $1100 (parts and labor)- UGH! I just bought this car on June 3rd- and the dealership that I bought it from refuses to help me with any of it.... Autofair in Manchester, NH.

Got any ideas about if this is something covered by Honda much like the ima system? Is the service center taking me for a ride? What about the dealership I bought it from? I've owned the car for 3 MONTHS, and I have to put $1100 into it? Does this seem right or fair?



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A little effort on your part searching the would have saved your trouble of such a comprehensive post. But its still "incomplete". Which control module and more importantly why :?:

But you may not need to reply if the following link helps:

General Discussion

US IMA warranty extension [edit] UPDATED to all 50 states!

For S.B. 06-027 see:
Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada and Texas ... 96&start=0

For S.B. 06-057 see:
Remainder of the 50 States not included in the above ... 6&start=60

HTH! :)
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