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Controlling the Instrument Cluster's Display

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A little project I'm working on. :) (Sorry for the horrid picture!)

Here's the elevator pitch: Directly control the LCD panel with a microcontroller to display custom information on the instrument cluster. The microcontroller will also read the data that would normally be going to the LCD and can choose to display that info or custom info.

Maybe you want to display OBDII parameters where the MPG is. Maybe you want to change the charge, assist, and SOC gauges to accurately reflect amps in/out, real battery SOC, etc.

I've got a few other ideas as well. Once I'm finished with this project I'll open-source everything I've learned and perhaps produce some PCBs to sell. We'll see!

I have work and other projects as well, so it may be slow going at times. But I'll try to give updates fairly regularly.
I don't think this has ever been done before. I hope you guys are excited!
If anybody is or wants to work on something similar, I'll be glad to share what I know; just ask.
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I've got the display mapped out, which took absolutely forever. This simple demo actually has a lot of time behind it. Did you know there are 326 individually-controllable segments on the instrument cluster display?

Here's my mapping (I'm mostly just posting this right now because it looks impressive):

I'm going to work on writing functions to write letters and numbers to the display and set the bar graphs to whatever you want, and all that good stuff. At some point soon I'll move away from the Arduino I've been using and make a PCB that has a more powerful microcontroller on it. Then I'll work on reading data from the cluster!

HI, i have question about how i can use the battery meter in my cluster swap in a civic 96 00, measure the battery directly from my car to the cluster G1 insaght 2000
Please verify the following:
1: Are you placing a G1 Honda Insight cluster into a Civic?
2: Is this a Civic Hybrid, or a regular Civic that you added a batter to?
3: What IMA system are you using? Is it an OEM Honda system? If so, is it Insight or Honda?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you'll either need:
A: Pegasus (this thread, but not yet released), or;
B: A METSCI man-in-the-middle. METSCI is the RS485 bus that tells the cluster which IMA info to display.
1 (YES)
2 (regular Civic )
3 (don't use ima. i lookup info on how to use the cluster part of the battery of the cluster maybe arduino?)

and I have another query, I am placing an (s2000 converter K-tuned) for the temperature of my 98 civic to the INSGHT cluster, but I don't know how to calculate the millivolts that I would need to mark the ECT of my car.
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