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Cooler weather questions

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Hello, I imagine this topic has been well covered, however I am having a bit of trouble finding the information.

With the approach of fall, I looking for info regarding the most effective means to preserve my fuel economy as our temperatures begin to slip over the coming months. Any information/ tips regarding obstructing air flow would be great. Secondly, I remember reading about owners who had run tubing of some sort from the air intake to the upper exhaust area. Any details (the more specific the better, for I am not a mechanical wiz) would be wonderful! Also, are both the air block and the hose recommended or is it overkill?

My Insight is a 2000, without air conditioning. I add this only because it seems many of the air blocks recently discussed seemed to be slipped between the radiator and the A/C.

Thanks for having patience with what are probably fairly tired and redundant questions!!
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Check out Figgy's site at :

Good info on a radiator block, with pics. ... t=warm+air
has good info on warm-air mods. There's a bunch more on this site, just use the search and be prepared for a few hours of reading.

Fall seems so far away here in Louisiana, 92 deg. actual temperature, 89% humidity, feels like 103 deg.

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