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Creaking sound

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My 2000 Insight has creaking sound that has steadily been getting worse. It started about 30,000 miles ago and the dealership has been unable to stop it. I have had the brake pads replaced, the left strut and wheel bearing joints replaced. It occurs at low speeds, bumps, stopping, and starting. The noise does not occur when driving the interstate or local highway speeds. Any ideas? Fortunately, I do have the extended warranty or the strut/wheel bearing would have been costly. The car now has 86,0000 plus miles.
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I had a very annoying squeek/creek sound every time I pulled into my girlfriend's driveway. She has a tiny bump at the foot of the driveway. It drove me nuts and I was about to replace or lube the strut bearings...

Well, turns out my under engine skid plates were loose. So loose in fact one had begun to fall off. Looks like when my oil was changed the service tech forgot to replace the bolts that hold the plates together. They were rubbing against each other and the body making a horrible squeek sound. I could push on them under the car and replicate the sound. So, After making the dealership replace the bolts no more squeeking/creeking noises from the front.

Maybe this could be your squeek cause?
I've also noticed a creaking sound coming from the front end when I go over speed bumps, or going into / out of driveways where there is a dip or raise in pavement.

I took it to the dealer who cleaned off some rust on my brake rotors ($90) but that wasn't it. It still happens and I would love to know what this could be. It must be related to the suspension. Any ideas?
The service records of mine (bought used) show a warranty repair for creaking from the front right, that was corrected by lubricating the strut, somewhere. Don't recall specifics right now, but can check.
If you come across the repair details, I'd appreciate more info about it.. but "lubricate the struts" aught to be enough for my dealer to go on.

ron said:
If you come across the repair details, I'd appreciate more info about it.. but "lubricate the struts" aught to be enough for my dealer to go on.

All righty: I pulled them out. Here goes. spelling corrected:

1. "Customer states front end has a squeaking noise over bumps around 10 mph and on bumps on hiway"

"Cause: Front strut making noise" :roll:
(doesn't specify which side)

"Bump stop squeaking against strut shaft. Removed and disassembled strut. Lubed staft with dow111 (?). Reassembled strut. Test drive."

4 days later:

2. "Customer states still has squeaking noise from front end"

"Removed right side strut, disassembled strut, lubed and retorqued related bolts, reassembled lubed strut, test drove."

I haven't heard any noise from the front....yet.
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Insight creeking in the front

I have owned my insight for about 3 years now. I noticed the creaking as soon as i turn the engine on. so if the suspension is not being used but creeks when i put the car in drive i believe it the engine and strut mounts. Not thinking like a math person if the tension of steel stretches it make a low noise due to its density, well aluminum on the other hand is 1/3 the density and just as strong if not stronger. so it would make a louder higher pitched creaking noise. not to mention the vibration from keeping a 3 cyl engine from shaking the chassis apart, can put a toll on the rubber bushings for the engine and transmission mounts. over time they will bend and flex more causing more noise. I believe that it is natural for the car to make the noise. Now if you hear a very loud thud or clank when accelerating hard from a stand still in either drive or reverse then we definitely have a bad mount. Don't quote me though only a Hypothesis.
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I just purchased a 2002 Insight 2 weeks ago. I have had a few problems with it that the dealer is working to fix, but I also hear a creaking sound at very low speeds like when I am pulling out of my driveway. It seems to be coming from my engine compartment just in front of the dash. It doesn't seem to be related to hitting bumps, although bumps do also cause creaks and squeaks. In fact, the creaks may even start right after I start the car. I am curious what it could be?
For bump-related squeaks and 'scrunches', check out this thread.

For non-bump-related noises, I'd look at the engine mounts.
Yes, the rubber mount at the rear of the front suspension control arm member causes the crunching.

Spray a lot of SILICON lube up into the joint area. You don't even have to take anything apart. Just use the little tube that comes with the Silicone spray can to get up into the space and blast away.

I was able to do this without even jacking up the car. Just stick your hand under. It is only about 10 inches inboard.

Drive 10 miles and the scrunch will be gone.
If its a cv shaft that you need you will probably spend about 90 bucks at most for the part they will probably charge you around 120 at first but thats because they are charging for the core, once you get the old cv shaft off send it to them you will get ur money back on the core....but it could be that you need power steering fluid or could be a bad strut could be anything.
....but it could be that you need power steering fluid or could be a bad strut could be anything.
Not sure where you would pour the power steering fluid into since the Insight has electric power steering :-?

It most likely is the rubber bushing from the lower control arm (rear most portion)....Many people have reported the problem and fix to the problem.

I have the problem as well and every three years or so, I have to undo the suspension bolts to lubricate that bushing.

Not sure how long a spray solution lasts without unbolting some parts.

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