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Custom (Exact) Fit Winshield Sun Sheild?

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Does anybody know if an exact-fit Sun Shield is available for the Insight front windshield area? (I am referring to one of those things you fold up and put away when you get back in car).
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Yes I have one, Covercraft has a perfect pattern for it (you'll have to special order it). There are two types, one rolls up the other folds up. I'd recommend the fold up one because I bought the roll up one and the edge where I start to roll it doesn't want to come out flat any more.
I 2nd the Covercraft nomination.

Been using theirs for over 10 years now in all my vehicles. The accordion style is the best. Expect 10+ years of service life with normal care.

The last time I shopped for mine (my Insight) J.C. Whitney had is at the lowest overall cost, YMMV.

HTH ! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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