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I only have 5 spaces to use and need a custom name. A couple of the names I would like there are


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could shorten any of theses into 5 Letters so that its understandable when you read it...

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Are you sure only 5 spaces? I thought the minimum was about 6 with some going 7 or 8. With only 5, I don't see a real good way to shorten much of anything to fit that (I have never been called a master of creativity, though)

The only thing that comes to mind is FOPEC...just tell them you mean Friends Of Pristine Environment Club...nothing derogatory toward any middle eastern oil group.

PS - Oh wait, for astronomy oriented, I guess you could do:

ICSTR - (I see stars)
STARR - (Stars)
NYTGI - (night guy)
12CHG (want to see Hg (Mercury))
SPAAY - (Spa's-y...spacey)

OK, brain hurts now...I'm sure others will come up with more

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Just keep in mind that you will more than likely want something people will understand. The first plate I wanted was ".25 CD" (meaning .25 coefficient of drag) probalby less the period, but I decided against it when I figured that almost no one would know what it ment except a hand full of engineers or other Insight owners.

Of course unless you purposely want to confuse people. Check your local DMV's web site, they might have a personalized plate look up like Arizona's does so you can see if any of your choices is already taken.
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