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custom wilwood front brake 11" rotors.. turboer must se

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I started collecting parts to turbo my insight since last year, got most of the parts ready... i hv alway do brake and suspension mods be for i move on to power mods for all the cars that i have/had...not excecption to the insight.... so i gave wilwood all the measurement that they need to put together a 4pot caliper brake kit.... didn't took them too long ...hehe
I just got the kit today and test fited, everything was as i wanted ^^...
it too late and im too tired...i will put the kit on at my shop tmr
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Somebody on this forum got a shop to install Koni inserts into the front struts and Koni race shocks in the rear. He used the OEM Insight springs because he wanted to stay in the H-stock class for autoslalom competition.
Another guy that rally races his Insight in the UK got custom made coil-overs for his Insight (and a full roll cage).

Many companies make adjustable shocks for open wheel race cars that can fit in the rear. In the front you would need Koni inserts or a custom fabricated shock. Spring rates are easy because there is no point in getting suspension unless you go all the way and get suspension that is 3 to 5 times stiffer then stock :badgrin:
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