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I have owned my 2001 CVT for about 10 months now in So Calif. and have averaged 50mpg for pure stop/start around town and 56mpg for pure freeway driving. Even at this mpg I still loved this car. My oil changes were at the dealer because of no time to do myself. Last oil change at dealer cost 139.00 & they didn't even use synthetic oil.

So I decided to make the time to do it myself and this is what I changed:

Mobil 1 syn 0W-20 (Wal-mart)
oil filter SuperTech (Wal-mart)
new 12 volt battery (honda replacement)
45 psi all tires

result from these 3 items: 3 hour trip on freeway with one hill (sepulveda pass) 68.5mpg. Drive speed was 65-70mph.
around town: 62mpg

I'm very HAPPY :D remember this is a CVT!!

I bought a new air filter from Honda today and plan to put in tomorrow (old one is black with ****) I wonder if the dealer ever changed it? we went through the fires here in So Cal and thats what the filter looks like!

I don't understand how the old 12 volt battery could have been hurting the mpg, but when it was tested, it was supposedly at 85 percent. I don't know if it had a bad cell or not?

I thank everyone who writes in to the forums for this Fantastic MPG Change!!! cause thats where I got my info.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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