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Here's what worked for me:
I started by clearing any CVT codes - disconnect the 12v battery for 30 minutes, then re-connect battery

If you need to change your CVT fluid and filter, do the burnishing procedure first.

Burnishing procedure (smooths the surfaces between the pulleys and the belt):
Warm up the car to operating temp and powerbrake the car in Drive for 6-8 seconds.
(Powerbraking is first stepping firmly on the brake and then applying full throttle to the engine. The car doesn't move)
Honda says the RPM should reach 2500 revs (spec 2350-2650 rpm)
Next, allow to cool for 2 minutes at 3000 rpm
Repeat the powerbrake and cool down for each additional gear: Reverse and Low

If changing fluid - drop and clean the pan+magnets, change the canister filter, refill with genuine Honda G1 CVT fluid

Clutch Relearn Procedure: (This needs to be done anytime the 12v battery is disconnected)
Warm the car to operating temp
Turn on headlights !!!
Accelerate to 37 - 40mph
Coast down to 0 mph without touching the brakes (coasting uphill helps)
Turn off headlights when done.
(I repeated this process two or three times)

Start clutch procedure: (Do Clutch Relearn Procedure First)
With the car hot at operating temp
Turn OFF the key
Short pins 4 & 9 on the OBDII port (I made an OBDII plug with pin 4 connected to pin 9)
Step firmly on the brake and continue to do so throughout the procedure
Start the engine and then shift to Neutral
Shift from Neutral to Low and back to Neutral 3 times within 20 seconds (N-L-N-L-N-L-N)
The D indicator should light up
In less than one minute the D indicator should turn off
- If it starts blinking or stays on after one minute, start the procedure over from "Turn OFF the key"

When the D indicator turns off, shift to Drive and the D indicator should turn on again.
After no more than about 2 minutes the D indicator should turn back off (about 30 seconds for me)
- If it stays on longer than about 2 minutes, or begins to blink, start the procedure over from "Turn OFF the key"

Otherwise, turn the ignition switch OFF to reach completion.
Remove the shorted OBDII pins

Once successful, I did the Clutch relearn procedure one more time (figuring the start clutch position had changed)

Test drive the vehicle, and smile because your CVT acts like it should again!!

If unsuccessful to reach completion, repeat the clutch relearn and start clutch procedures again. Mine took several tries...I didn't have the headlights on initially during the clutch relearn...not sure how big a factor that is, but following the above procedures got me to success!!

Japanese 05 CVT
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Well documented. I had good intentions of writing a similar thread for the CVT but never got around to it. Every CVT owner should know about this.

Some other things that these procedures will cure are a rough take-off, box trying to stall the engine when you click it in to D or R, a delay followed by violent jerk as it takes up drive, a jerk as you decelerate (as if you'd tapped the brake), a chirping noise (and a jerk) as you decelerate. You might think it's the box or the clutch on its last legs, but it has in fact just gone out of calibration.
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