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Lately my CVT has been acting up, especially in the mornings. If I drive like normal, the D light will go out (no flashing) and the car will default into low (no L light unless shifted to L). If I turn the car off and back on, it will drive like normal, most of the time. Sometimes it will fail to the low mode again, but not more than twice.

Yesterday this happened after having driven the car for a while. I pulled the codes and received:

P1655 - Problem in TCM-to-ECM communication lines.
P1882 - Probelm in Inhibitor Solenoid Circuit
P1895 - Problem in CVT Driven Pulley Pressure Control Valve Circuit

All of these codes involve troubleshooting voltages, continuity, and grounds, but ultimately they all end with using a known-good TCM to verify TCM functionality. Anyone had similar issues? Where can I get a new TCM, besides Honda?
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