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I have driven my CVT for over 28,000 miles and when I get to a hill,
I hear the drive belt go to a high pitch whine as the ratio changes.
When this happens, my MPH (mile per hour) goes down a bit just from
the ratio change. It does it on slight hills as well. Seeing where and
how the TCM (transmission control module) is mounted, it seems like
maybe there is a hill sensor inside. So my first thought was to change
the angle of the mount to trick the TCM into thinking that it is more
downhill than normal. (Not too much) The mounting bracket has some
play during assembly so not every Insight built would be calibrated to
level ground. I made the bracket have more play and remounted the
TCM and my car seems to behave the way I thought it should. It will
still change the ratio on some hills that are steep enough and there is
a delay in the ratio that allows the engine power to make it up the
small hills before sensing a change and I can maintain a better speed
on those slight hills. Can anyone confirm that there is an incline sensor
built-in the TCM or has noticed the ratio changing too early - or am I
just crazy thinking that it works much better now. (I did not unplug the
connectors during the mod so it did not have to re-learn anything.)

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