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CVT Problems? Car is surging and rpms are going up/down

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I recently had the local Honda dealership replace my EGR valve under warranty from the chevy dealer I bought my car from. The warranty has since expired. The Honda dealership also changed my Trans fluid since it was apparently the wrong stuff.

Since I got the car back, my car surges in the mornings, and also 'slips' a bit from a standstill. I can hear a belt somewhere slipping when I first start moving from a stop.

The surging I'm talking about is different from before the replaced EGR. Basically, the car will hang at 3,000rpm on the freeway, then jump from 3k to 3.5k back and forth for a while, about every 2 seconds. Very irritating. This also happens sometimes when I'm coasting. About a 500rpm range back and forth.

Any ideas?
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Wrong stuff = dead machinery

iibbmm, I would immediatly suspect the wrong fluid had damaged the transmission. German cars, i.e. VW for instance, will absolutley die with the fluids replaced with the wrong stuff. Power steering, trans, it's all special VW only fluids. Same with Honda too, no doubt, as the CVT trans is unique in the auto world at this time, as far as I know.

If those goobers at the Chevy dealer got hold of your car and did a 'service' to it, then IMO they are liable for damages thru ignorance / negligence due to being too lazy to research for the right stuff for a car none of them ever even stood close to, let alone worked on. :!:
Trans or EGR?

Does the car do this surgeing while at a steady speed on the flats or when you're accelerating? Mine does it on accel and at the steady throttle at about 1500 - 2500 rpm, but it's a 5 speed. Lots of posts about the EGR being the culprit on that problem. I took mine off and cleaned it some, and the effect went away for a while. I'll be replacing the EGR valve when I get the car back from having the IMA system replaced by the used car dealer I bought it from.
Guessing on my part

As a 'used to be' tech, I was always hesitant to submit a 'diagnosis' by guessing at the problem. Being a newbie owner myself, and not being able to test drive your car compounds the issue! I'm waiting on manuals and instructional training video's for our little gems to arrive. After wading thru all that stuff, then I'll be in a position to 'guess diagnose' a bit better. :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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