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Damage to head liner due to garage remote

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I noticed this morning that the clip from my garage opener had been rubbing the head liner and wore a hole in it. It's not bad now, the car is only 4,500 miles old, but it will get worse. I plan to add a piece of felt to cover the end on the remote's clip. The clip end flair's up toward the ceiling when the visor is in it's normal position. I have a Genie remote and thought I would post this as a warning to others who may not have noticed/ have this problem.
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Genie makes a small remote that can be attached to a key chain as well. It actually has two buttons on it, which I need with a garage and motorized gate to control. It will fit in the little storage behind the parking brake handle, but I keep mine in the storage cubbie by the steering wheel. No problems with it and that way its kept out of sight. People will steal your garage remote to get in to your house. Something I dont risk by keeping visible.
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