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damaged rim.... :-(

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im very new to these forums. i have a 2000 insight. unfortunatly i slid ahd hit a curb hard. it resulted in a damaged rim. i was wondering if any one here would have a rough idea how much im looking at to replace the rim and perhaps the tire at honda dealership? would any one recomend a good honda dealership in the chicago area? or if any one is willing to sell a rim and tire from a wrecked insight?

my insight is a 2000 year model silver and the wheel is the front right rim and tire.


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Sorry to hear about the rim. Keep an eye on E- bay there was one sold yesterday. Someone is selling off parts from a salvaged Insight. You might want to e-mail him/her to ask if they have another one.
New ones run about $300. I'd check around and see if you can find one before resorting to the dealership for one.
New is a massive rip-off, worse so at dealer pricing. A quick check seems to indicate factory list price is $367.31 (!!!) although you can get it from an online discounter like for $275.47. That's still a massive rip-off if you asked me, so I would instead do a search on and just get one from an auto recycler. There are lots on there for $125 or less, so that's what I would do if you can't find any at a local parts recycler.
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