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I recently replaced the four switches in the instrument pod, for the trip and dashboard lighting buttons. Since the shipping cost was high, I ordered an excess of them to help other owners, and can send a set of four switches to UK and European Insight owners for £5.50 to GB, or £6.50 for Europe.

There are two very useful youtube videos (from kind forum member Scott Kulbeck) that show you exactly how to do the job. It took me little more than an hour, and they work better than the originals:

Remove dashboard and instrument pod:

Replace switches:

I recommend cutting the old switch connections with a Stanley knife, carefully cutting away from your fingers. Cut two tabs then move the switch backward and forward to break the other two. I also recommend the toothpick method for removing the solder from the holes.

Contact me on [email protected] if you would like a set.


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