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Dealer Buys back Wrecked Insight - Austin TX

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OK, I bought my insight on the Fourth of October, took delivery on the 11th of OCtober, Shortly thereafter discovered pieces were missing, had been replaced and did not match.

I contacted *everybody* associated with the sale of this car and raised hell. The dealership had been caught in a lie (not according to them) and I was one very loud mouthed un-happy customer.

The dealership, at the urging of Honda, offered to buy the car back form me, or they would consider any solutions I presented.

I suggested a 10% refund of the purchase price.

CEL comes on - 900 dollar ECU covered by warranty must be replaced

Dealership neglects to contact me.

CEL comes on - local dealer suspects bad Cats, or improper ECU - no action taken at this time.

Recognizing the downward spiral of this car, I contact the dealer and accept their original offer to buy-back my car.

The car was delivered to HOWDY HONDA of AUSTIN TEXAS today.

Look out for a 2001 Monte Carlo Blue Insight, JHMZE13721T000555. It has been wrecked and repaired.

The car was originally purchased by April M Hernandez @ Howdy Honda in Austin, TX. The car was wrecked and totaled in San Antonio. The car was repaired at GUNN Honda in San Antonio - CASH WAS PAID FOR ALL REPAIRS = CLEAN CARFAX. The car was traded in to Howdy Honda in Austin Texas. I bought the car. I sold the car back.

Be careful to take this into account should you ever come across this car.
It has a clean carfax - it took some serious effort to uncover all of the B.S. that surrounded this car. I am glad to be rid of it, but I wish I still had an Insight...
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Sorry to hear that. Again, I would remind everyone to check my previous posts, I have gone at length at what to look at to determine (at least pretty well) any damage to a used Insight you might be considering buying.

I would hope that this experience wouldn't scare you completely away from considering another Insight. You might check and see whats available in your area.
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