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Delaminated tire - Bridgestone Potenzias - stock

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A couple of days ago I had the left rear tire completely delaminate (down to the steel belts - all the tread came off at 80 MPH). Tire life unknown - bought car used last month. Worn on the outsides but still legal. 40 PSI on all. Destroyed the wheel well and wheel well cover panel. Was getting new tires this week with the oil change - the delamination beat me to it. Anyone out there heard of the Potenzias delaminating :?:
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I haven't heard of anything like this on these tires.
Tires do fail sometimes and there are always road hazards thrown in to the equation that cannot be factored in to such possible failures. Personally I have had great luck with the Potenza's, and overall there have been very few tire failures reported here. Bridgestone tires are high quality and they use the Potenza line on many new vehicles.
Don't know how common it is, but it looks like I have a delaminated tire as well. It hasen't blow the tread off yet but it feels like I have an oval shaped wheel and the car wants to blow apart above 55mph.

Looks like I'll be putting the spare tire on before it blows out on me.
Check the DOM, on the tire? (Date of Mfg.)?
Take it to an installer, where you bought it and have them spin balance and see what it does.

I bought the car used so I don't have any paperwork regarding where it came from.

The tread is getting low on the tires anyway and I was planning to replace them this fall but it looks like that will have to come sooner than later.

I wouldn't be surprised if the 55PSI, heat, and horrible Michigan roads put the nail in the coffin. Not to mention I've been moving homes so the insight has "relatively" been doing some heavy lifting recently.
I would still check the DOM, in case there is a pattern, for other Insighters.

And that is why I quit using Potenzas I had 4 of them suffer tread seperation.
I had a tread separation start on my 2006 OEM set (RT front) As soon as I heard "thumping start I pulled over and put the spare on. I've had three more sets so far and no issues.
I had a right rear tire delaminate about 3 years ago. However, it was about two days after I had hit a horribly bad expansion joint on one of the interstates on the south edge of Cincinnati, OH. No issues since then.
I've had trouble with the potenza'a. First, they wear rather quickly. Second, they are noisy. Third, I've had a couple start to separate. I've used 175-65-14 tires of other brands for years with no problems (and 1/2 the price).

Some people swear by them....I swear to not every buy them again!
Wear factor is a 260, Most tires are in the 400+ range.

Most Insighters are devote to mileage.

Location in your profile please.
I've had 3 insights since 2005 and drive alot so I've had several kinds of tires. My favorite are the hankook mileage ii h725 175/65/14's. The wear factor is 620, they can be inflated to 45psi, they ride decent, are quiet and I've noticed no MPG decrease over the potenza's with them. I've also used Duro 175/65/14 (only $220 for 4 including shipping) and these are dead quiet, have a wear rating of 500, but have a mpg loss of 1-2mpg.

I'll take the quiet ride anyday. I've found when the potenzas enter their last 50% they get the time they are worn out it sounds like you have bad wheel bearings...then you get new tires and it's completely quiet again.

Just my experience.
I have had 2 tires delaminate in the past year. Now Im thinking I made a mistake staying with the potenzas . When they run down low they separate really bad. The whole car vibrates & forces you to pull over. Low meaning still legal but needing replacement soon!
I've not had any problems with my potenzas, ever. My last set lasted me 57,000 miles. I drove them down to the point where the wear bars were showing on the outside edges. Pump mine to 44PSI (front and rears). I've got 25K on my current set, still going strong. As long as I can buy the Potenzas in our size, that will be my tire of choice. Good luck.

I'm not astonished to hear that. As These last so Long the carcasse has to work longer too.
Anyone claiming no drop in MPG with different tires - what kind of MPGs do you typically get? mid 50s, mid 60s, mid 70, mid 80s......
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