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Difficulty keeping 5 sp @ 65 mph

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I love my new insight, but seriously miss cruise control :cry: . I try to keep my silver spacepod at the speed limit, but have 2 challenges.

1. It wants to zoom. When going flat or downhill this light, spunky thing wants to fly :twisted: .

2. On the inclines I either overanticipate and overshoot, or not anticipate enough and slowly lose 'altitude. :? '

I believe it may be related to old habits of getting it in 5th gear and keeping it there. Should I be going into 4th when anticipating an incline? My daily route is fairly flat. I commute between Davis & Sacramento: the flatter part of the Sacramento Valley. Most of my 'hills' are man made bridges over rivers, duck flyways/rice farms, and interstates.

I am not capable of installing a second party cruise control. Has anyone had success having Honda install one?

Is there something about my driving habits that I can change?
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Re: use assist wisely

Armin said:
I usually keep the car in lean-burn, at around 70mpg...
I do the same, except I keep it at a minimum of 75mpg. I let the mpg drift higher if my speed exceeds 65 mph. If my speed drops below 55mph, I put the pedal down -- not all the way, just enough to nearly max assist and that puts my MPG down to around 50 (at highway speeds). Flooring it halves MPG for not much more acceleration.

There's all sorts of mileage tips on the main site. Use your instantaneous mpg readout and respond to the feedback it gives you... let your Insight teach you how to get over 70 mpg lifetime :)
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