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Difficulty keeping 5 sp @ 65 mph

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I love my new insight, but seriously miss cruise control :cry: . I try to keep my silver spacepod at the speed limit, but have 2 challenges.

1. It wants to zoom. When going flat or downhill this light, spunky thing wants to fly :twisted: .

2. On the inclines I either overanticipate and overshoot, or not anticipate enough and slowly lose 'altitude. :? '

I believe it may be related to old habits of getting it in 5th gear and keeping it there. Should I be going into 4th when anticipating an incline? My daily route is fairly flat. I commute between Davis & Sacramento: the flatter part of the Sacramento Valley. Most of my 'hills' are man made bridges over rivers, duck flyways/rice farms, and interstates.

I am not capable of installing a second party cruise control. Has anyone had success having Honda install one?

Is there something about my driving habits that I can change?
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The shop I work at sells Rostra aftermarket cruise controls.
They have a cruise part# and throttle adapter for the insight, which
you can lookup at:
I rarely have any Rostra units come back, and never had any
pulsating problems with rostra.
Disclaimer: I haven't installed one on my insight yet, and won't until I find a favorable OEM looking solution to the cruise switch. (yes, I've seen the steering wheel button add-on, and I think it looks like s#!t)
My advice to you is this.
Have a shop that specializes in cruise controls install this unit.
Leave the oil changes, and major mechanical work to the dealer cause they usually aren't equipt to install aftermarket products.
If your local dealership claims to do this kind of work, they will likely
just take your car to an aftermarket shop and mark up your ticket
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Insightful Trekker,

I had exactly what you mentioned in mind.
I was thinking about these two options:

1. Use a different honda steering wheel, which would have OEM
cruise buttons.
Lots of downsides to doing this though. First, I really like the 3 spoke
wheel on the insight, and I don't know of another similar honda wheel.
Second, this is an expensive route, and who knows about compatibility
issues until you start tearing things apart.
I was thinking the new honda civic wheel would look nice, epecially if I were
to convert the entire column. (tilt wheel, ya!)
There could be some airbag safety issues to this. I'm sure the airbag
is finely tuned to the exact suroundings of the drivers compartment, and
using an airbag from a different model may be a hazard.

2. use the CVT buttons, and silkscreen the set/accell - coast letters on
the buttons. Use an accord cruise on/off (mid 90's and up) switch above the pocket/fuse cover on left side of the dash which will be an exact fit.
This would be the nicest route, and probably wouldn't require many parts.
Next time I get over to the dealership parts department, I'll dig up whatever parts I'll need.
I would imagine the manual wheel and column are the same, minus a few
parts and I'll probably get a chance to remove the wheel this weekend to confirm this.
As far as wiring, it shouldn't be an issue and I'll post a simple schematic of whats involved when I get a chance to install my cruise.
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