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Discontinued Tires?

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Ok, my husband had to get 2 tires replaced on our 2000 Insight a couple of weeks ago. (165/65/14 I think) Everywhere he went, they told him they didn't sell that size anymore. Finally at Bridgestone, they said they were discontinued, and that they didn't have any in the store, but they could have some shipped in. Of course we had no other choice, so we went along with it and paid the extra for shipping, etc. :x

So, what are you all doing for tires if they aren't making that size anymore? Is there another company that's taking that size over, or did Bridgestone not know what they are talking about or do you use a different size? We're worried about what we're going to do next time! We can't own a car we can't get tires for! :(
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My Discount Tire store manager said the practice of keeping these (our) tires in stock at the store level has been discontinued by the company, but the tires are always available on a one-or-two day special order from the warehouse, where they are kept in stock. Not sure if he meant the Bridgestone warehouse or the Discount Tire warehouse, but either way, I'm not worried... :D
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