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I drive similarly, where I am quite upright and have a little bend in the elbows. I was once taught as a wee lad that proper torso distance had your wrists comfortably resting on the top of the steering wheel when your arms are extended and elbows nearly straight. This results in a slight bend in the elbow when you are at 10 and 2 o'clock.

I see people drive with an index finger on the bottom of the wheel as the only contact with the wheel, and sometimes with the knee as the wheel steering appendage. As my knees don't have fingers, I have never relied upon that.

For what it is worth, aside from the cell phone yackers who drive with one hand and don't pay any attention to anything, I am not sure that I can recall seeing many full recliners recently. On the other hand, I don't really bring to mind postures much at all anyway. I think I focus just on the eyes and heads to see if they others people are looking my way and just filter out the posture altogether.
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