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Do I really have to get a smog check?

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Went in to register my Insight and they said I needed a xmog check. Thought it was a little unfair for obvious reasons, but made some calls today to smog check places. Two of them said they were'nt sure what to do with a hybrid and the third said I was probably exempt and that I should call the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I plan to do that on Monday, but it's the weekend and I thought somone here might know

P.S. I bought the car in another state if that makes a difference.
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Your Insight has an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline and as such is subject to the same clean air regulations as any other car on the road.
Actually portions of California did the OBD test as well. Back in 2002 it varied by county... essentially the closer you were to L.A. the more likely you were to need more stringent testing.
More details here for California: "Do I really need a smog check?" indicates that "Vehicles four model-years old and newer (model-years 2001-2004, for registrations due after 1/1/2004 ) are not required to have a biennial (every other year) Smog Check performed until their fifth year. However, these vehicles must have a Smog Check performed if the vehicle is sold, or being registered in California for the first time."

The program area types I referred to earlier are set by county, and are partitioned into "change of ownership," "basic" and "enhanced" areas. "Change of ownership" areas only require testing when the car is bought/sold and are mainly rural areas. "Basic" areas have two-speed idle tests (this one would be difficult and arguably unfair to perform on an Insight). "Enhanced" areas have BAR-97 loaded-mode dynamometer tests as well as OBD-II checks.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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