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Do I really have to get a smog check?

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Went in to register my Insight and they said I needed a xmog check. Thought it was a little unfair for obvious reasons, but made some calls today to smog check places. Two of them said they were'nt sure what to do with a hybrid and the third said I was probably exempt and that I should call the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I plan to do that on Monday, but it's the weekend and I thought somone here might know

P.S. I bought the car in another state if that makes a difference.
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Smog Checks

In general its important to get a smog check for maintaince reasons. If your car pollutes over the regulations it probably has a problem.

I only hope that they hold the Insight to the same standards as your average passenger vehicle as emmisions go.

Just because we own a hybrid we shouldn't be put to any different regulation standards.
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