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Do I really have to get a smog check?

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Went in to register my Insight and they said I needed a xmog check. Thought it was a little unfair for obvious reasons, but made some calls today to smog check places. Two of them said they were'nt sure what to do with a hybrid and the third said I was probably exempt and that I should call the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I plan to do that on Monday, but it's the weekend and I thought somone here might know

P.S. I bought the car in another state if that makes a difference.
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I just had a Montana Insight smogged for purchase in CA. The place that did it looked it up in their book and didn't seem to have any problems, although they were kind of slow and contemplating the book quite a bit. One of them knew something about it.

To make a long story short, at first one of them said it didn't need smog, and then the other corrected them.

They do need smog in CA, as far as I know. The dealers who sell them used all do smog on them in my experience.

Just call around a bit to make sure your guys can do it. Some Honda dealers can also do smog, and might be a better bet.

The DMV smog site lists all smog stations, so you can get numbers easily.
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