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Do Stored Sticks Improve w/ Age?

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Hey, eq1. I think you may be on to something.

You made a remark in another thread, which I cannot locate, that you had some sticks that had been abandoned in a corner for a couple of years and that on retesting, you found that they had improved significantly.

I am having the same experience. I have about 10-12 sticks abandoned about 2 years ago, some of which are now testing fair-good. Is it just possible that something improves with long rest times and complete self discharge? Since we are dealing with chemistry, possible the dendrites or whatever goes wrong somehow dissolves with long rest time.

(I'll be happy to merge my comments into your thread if you will point me to it:))
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Dry cells are not "dry ". The water in the electrolyte is the medium which transports the ions The loss of water will render the cell useless. Mike has pointed out that failed cell are dried out at the electrodes. Venting dries out cells.

During use the water tends to be driven away from the higher resistance areas by the heat generated and it tends to accumulate in the cooler areas. Over years of non use (rest) the water distribution in the electrolyte (what remains of it) will tend to be equalized again.

Whether this is so could be determined by doing an ionization/conductivity test on a micro level throughout the electrolyte of deteriorated cells as compared to recovered cells. A direct measurement of the water content of the electrolyte at the micro level would be a more direct method. Either method is difficult to do.
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