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Do you have a Specific Fuel Consumption vs. RPM Curve???

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For the Insight. Anyone have one?

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Fuel consumption is affected by RPM but it is not directly related.
A fuel consumption vs RPM graph would have to specify a load, gear selection, temperature etc.....
If you're talking about a BSFC graph, like you can get for a lot of aircraft engines, I'd say there's about a 0% chance you'll ever find one. Manufacturers never put that kind of data out to the public.
AZCivic said:
If you're talking about a BSFC graph,
Yes. I have one for my TDI, and was hoping to find one for the Insight. The TDI curve shows best efficiency between 1500 & 2500... and I was curious if the same is true for insight?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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