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Do You Set Your Seat Way Back?

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I have never set my seat way back, even though it's recommended in case the air bag deploys. Being closer is more comfortable and gives me more control of the car.

Was wondering what everybody else does?
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You only need to be over 8" away from the airbag for safety.
Contrary to popular belief there is an ideal driving position for every body and it is not based on personal preference.
But depending on the vehicle adjustments and height of the driver compromises in the ideal position need to be made just to fit...
For example if your head hits the ceiling....

1) seat in a position that allows a slight bend of the knee when clutch is fully depressed.
2) back rest upright to allow a 90 to 120 degree bend in the arms when holding the steering wheel at 9 and 3. This position should allow your wrist to reach the top of the steering wheel without moving your shoulder off the seat back.

I instruct at a car control school and about 99% of the people are not seating in the ideal position in their cars when they start the course.

Once you get used to the proper seating position you will find that it gives you much better control of your vehicle and it's ergonomically the most comfortable position as well. That's why race seats only come in the ideal upright seating position (they don't recline at all).
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