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Do You Set Your Seat Way Back?

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I have never set my seat way back, even though it's recommended in case the air bag deploys. Being closer is more comfortable and gives me more control of the car.

Was wondering what everybody else does?
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At 6'5" (36" inseam) I set the seat ALL the way back, and reclined until it hits the rear bulkhead. I have currently mocked up a set of blocks to raise the front of the seat 1-1/4" and the back at least 3/8" for thigh support and a little extra leg room. It does make a huge difference in the feel of the seat.

I think my next project will be to dive into the steering column. I'm hoping that (like my CRX) even though the colum doesn't tilt, it can still be unbolted, moved down, possibly a few inches toward the driver, and re-attached with the proper spacers.
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