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Greetings from UK.

I see in a few posts to this site people mention various documents/studies/links or research papers which are relevant to the Insight.

I download these when I see them, but do members have a list of useful links/documents from around the web that they would share, so we could visit said sites to get them.

I don't think they are listed on Insight central.

This link is one recent example from a post. ... =3&start=0

But I'm sure i've noticed others.

Regards and thanks to all.


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I've got a few Peter. ;)

Excellent Member sites:

(mine's in my sig)

Please don't take offense if I've left you off :!: Take ACTION and post your heplful member site link here :!: :p

Goverment sites:

Crash worthyness (Insight rates 4 star)

A very technical look at hybrid drive trains.

California's State "Green" car rating site. ... leaner.asp

HIGHLY technical review of the Prius and Insight's battery usage
(Large .pdf download)


Basic specs for the OEM Bridgstone tires ... mpare1=yes

Panasonic's OEM IMA battery specs.

HTH! :)
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