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Does anyones car come with pin stripes?

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I was just looking at some pictures of the car I bought and I noticed it has pin stripes.

I have never seen pin stripes on these cars, does anyone else's car have the stripes?

Just curious,

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The dealership (College Park, MD) that my dealership (Rahall Honda) got my Insight from had put pinstripes on it, and wheel locks.

No doubt to "bump" up the sticker price. I simply told my dealership that:

1) I didn't want the car with pinstripes, and if I didn't like the way it looked - I would NOT accept delivery
2) I didn't order wheel-locks, so either take them off or include them in the price we had already negotiated.

Fortunately for me, I didn't mind the pinstripes and they decided to include the wheel locks at no extra charge. I also got a free year of maintenance out of them.
You can just barely make out the pinstripe in this picture, it follows the lower window line....hardly noticable at all. If anyone wants a more close-up pic, of the pinstripes, let me know and I'll take one and post it. ... nsight.png

BTW...The MD dealership wanted $150 for this little 'artwork'
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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