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Door Locks on/off/on/off and Odd Alarm

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I bought my Insight with what I thought was the factory alarm and door lock set up, but lately it has been acting in an odd way. Please refer me to the proper thread if this has already been discussed, but I searched and couldn't find it!

Okay, . . . I walk up to the car, hit the "unlock" button, and the car unlocks (once, driver's door only, twice, passenger and rear hatch too), so far so good. I get in, close the door, start the engine, and the doors lock automatically. Okay, that's fine too, my Miata does that.

But then, just driving along, the doors unlock. Wait 30 - 45 seconds, and they lock again. A few mintes pass, then they unlock, etc. Very annoying. An hour or so passes, and they go through the same ritual.

Then a couple of times (slow learner, once should have been enough!), when the doors unlock themselves, I manually click them to the locked position, . . . And the blue "Alarm On" light below the dash starts flashing! Yikes, I'm driving along with the alarm on!

One time, I pulled over, and the horn starts honking, lights flashing, the whole "I'm being stolen!" performance, while all the while the key is in the ignition, and the motor is running. Then next two times, I pulled off onto the shoulder (pretty much immediately), turned off the engine/motor, clicked the button to disarm, then restarted and all was well. For awhile, anyway.

Has anyone else had this happen, or am I the only one?

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Definitely not normal. The initial unlock sequence sounds right, but it shouldn't lock on it's own once underway. Nor should it be locking/unlocking on it's own. Being an 06, I would suggest a trip back to the dealer. Might only be a problem with keyfob? Did you try the spare one that came with the car?
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