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Double Din Radio installation

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I've been working for some time on modifying my dash to accomodate
a double din radio.
I'm not happy with the turnout, so before I rip off all the vinyl and
start over I figured I post some pictures of what I ended up with.

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I would just go for what I've been saying all along. Get the Double din piece from japan and get a US din piece and have the two laser cut so you can have a left side drive double din trim piece. It wouldn't be cheap, but the results would be very nice in the end. This is on my maybe some day to do list.
I haven't given up yet, and someone well skilled with vinyl can make
my dash piece look OEM.
I just haven't found that person yet...
I think if you made that piece you have the right color with maybe black around the screen, like the oem piece, it would probably look better. It also needs to be more rounded I would think.
If only they would make something with a screen that comes out and down instead of up everything would work so much more easily.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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