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One of my cars has the "charge-only" wiring harness attached. I've been having to charge it more often lately (CEL and IMA light come on after driving about 50 miles after charging). So I ordered this:
I received it yesterday and it doesn't have any instructions. I looked on hybrid automotive's website and I don't see any instructions for adding this. I sent an e-mail to [email protected], but I got a reply which refers me to their website.
Does anyone have any instructions or a video on how to add this? I looked around this website and the rest of the internet but couldn't readily find any instructions.
The contents of the package that I received is similar to what is pictured, but it is in 3 pieces (main red wire, red cap, and about 1 inch of heat-shrink tape). I can post a picture of what I received if anyone wants to see.
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