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First generation. (Sorry, I forget about the second and third generations.)
I'm working on a mod that uses a servo to open the door. It if were mine, I'd probably not replace the handle and instead finish the servo, put it on a remote, make it so you just touch the car and it opens (assuming you are nearby - using bluetooth, for example)

Since you probably just want to open the door, try for used parts. Or...

You have lucked out, still in stock, Majestic Honda. $70

The hardest part is pulling down the clip which holds the lock assembly into the door handle. Consider ordering an inspection camera at the same time to help you see inside the door. You will need to take the whole door panel off, and it is easier if you remove the window at the same time (only held in with two bolts.) But don't break it!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts