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Driver Side Airbag Rattle

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I have a 2000 Insight with a nasty driver side airbag rattle which has been there since the car was new. I complained about it for the first year or so but the service tech was unable to improve the situation significantly. It's now starting to drive me nuts, maybe it's getting worse. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm about ready to dig into it myself in spite of the warnings about working around the airbags (I've always done all maintenance on my vehicles up until I bought this Insight). Has anyone fixed this sort of problem already?
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I have not had my air bag rattle, but I've had it out before. As always it's a really really good idea to disconnect the 12 volt battery first for 10 minutes to let the capacitor drain down so there's no chance you accidentally blow it (extremely unlikely anyways). On either side of the steering wheel there are plastic covers that can be removed. It looks like a place to pry with a screw driver, but you should be able to remove it with your fingernail, they slide straight out. Behind the right side one is the connector and a T30 Torx bolt, the left just the bolt. I would try tightening them up first. They had mine out and stripped these screws out so I had to replace them.

If that does not seem to help I would suspect that perhaps the horn spring back assembly underneath might be loose. To get to this the air bag would have to be removed. To do this, again battery disconnected! If you disconnect the air bag wile the battery is hooked up it will give you a SRS warning light that you have to have the proper tool to turn off. So you remove those same covers and slide the connector out, the outside slides back and the connections will pull apart, the air bag is then disconnected. After that remove the two torx bolts and the air bag will pull out. There are three alan head bolts that hold down the spring mechanism that push back on the air bag for the horn, I would try tightening these and see if that helps. If that doesn't work... well I don't really know.

If it's been out a few times it's likely the bolts, I noticed the new ones I got had what appeared to be lock tite on the threads of them.

BTW, where are you located? If your close to me I'd be glad to take a look at it for you. I know working around an air bag is intimidating, but once you've seen it done it's a piece of cake.

Be careful.

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Thanks for the information, and especially the warning on avoiding the SRS indication. I'll dig in and see what I can find in the next couple of weeks. I would hope the service department would have had it together enough to have taken care of some stripped out bolts, but I realize even this may be asking too much.

I'm located in New Hampshire, so unless you're up for a road trip dropping by would probably be impractical.

I'll let you know how I make out. Hopefully I won't be driving around putting constant pressure on the horn much longer.


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