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Driver Window "Auto" down not "autoing"

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2001 MT, A/C, 66kMi: So both windows and all three window switches in the car work fine. HOWEVER, the driver's side auto-down feature suddenly stopped working. When I push the driver's switch down past the "auto"'s "click", I feel the click but when I release it the window stops going down. Tried forcing a reset in both up and down but no help.
1. Which should I tear into first: the door panel, or the dash bezel?
2. Is any replacement part I might need unobtainium?
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Search this forum for the recalibration procedure.
If that doesn't work, then the problem is inside the box that the two driver window switches are in.

FYI: My recommendation is to never use the auto-down feature, as this places more stress on a poorly designed plastic part. Too much stress on this part will cause the driver window switch to stop working entirely.

I like to joke that the driver window switch was designed by an intern. The same intern also designed the truck latch clutch.
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