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Driver Window "Auto" down not "autoing"

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2001 MT, A/C, 66kMi: So both windows and all three window switches in the car work fine. HOWEVER, the driver's side auto-down feature suddenly stopped working. When I push the driver's switch down past the "auto"'s "click", I feel the click but when I release it the window stops going down. Tried forcing a reset in both up and down but no help.
1. Which should I tear into first: the door panel, or the dash bezel?
2. Is any replacement part I might need unobtainium?
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FYI: My recommendation is to never use the auto-down feature, as this places more stress on a poorly designed plastic part. Too much stress on this part will cause the driver window switch to stop working entirely.
After my window being stuck down last winter and having to drive 40 miles home, I started doing this out of habit making sure this doesn't happen again.

I like to joke that the driver window switch was designed by an intern. The same intern also designed the truck latch clutch.
I had a similar joke, but someone that was retiring or quitting and wanted to leave a mark.
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