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Hi all! I have a 2011 Honda Insight. Every winter when it starts to get cold outside, my driver window (ONLY the driver side) doesn't like to go down. Usually it resolves itself either after I play with the switch a little too long, or simply when the temperature rises.

I think I've played with the switch a little too much this year, though. Now the window just refuses to go down altogether. Our weather has been really temperamental, so I've had the option to try putting it down in both warm and cold weather, and it's just stuck. My husband and I tried resetting the battery to see if MAYBE that would resolve it, but no luck.

I've been trying to Google some kind of solution for this because I really don't want to have to fork over the money to get it looked at. But all I've been able to find on Google is how to fix a window that is stuck down.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!
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