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Driving in city but Instantaneous Display remains at Zero?

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That's right!

I drove about 2 miles today while the Instantaneous fuel display remained at zero! This made the mpg for those 2.6 miles skyrocket to about 144mpg!

It happened in city driving as I left my work today. I always reset the B tripmeter to check the mileage on my drive home. So when I looked down and saw the mileage climbing up and up and up, with no movement on the Instantaneous display, I was shocked! I was driving normally. Speeds from 0-30 miles per hour; stopping and starting at stoplights. Cold weather, 10 degrees, but certainly not the coldest its's been around here.

My work is by the dealership so I stopped in to show the service advisor. (Mike W) Sure enough, when I got there the tripometer showed 144.4 mpg with 2.6 miles travelled.

He checked the service bulletin but there was nothing mentioned of this type of problem.

After turning the car off at the dealership, and then turning it back on, the problem corrected itself.

Anyone else ever experienced this?

I suppose I could have kept going a while longer just to see how high I could have made the mpg go! Or to give the lmpg a good bump!
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It occurred to me ONCE in over three years.
Just a matter of swiching off the ignition to reset whatever went wrong !
Dunno what though. :wink:

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It's a bug

It's a bug that has been reported before. The only way to fix it is to "reboot" the car. (turn ignition off and back on). No word from Honda on fixing it.

If you drive with it for too long, it will affect your lmpg. So you should reboot as soon as traffic allows.

For me it is rare enough not to worry. Happens maybe a couple times a year...
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