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drove a brand new 06 manual last night

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Hi all. I was at the service place and looked across the street to the dealership and saw an insight. called them up since i figured it was someones "ordered" car and it was available. I had never driven another insight other than my 2000 manual so i had to check it out.
I was quite surprised to find that i did not feel too much of a difference in the drive of the car. (i suspected mine was problematic).

I really dislike the "fuzzy" stuff on the door panel.
the dealership has the vehicle marked up above MSRP....high in demand!
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pacific honda in san diego. i read my post and wondered what i was thinking. i drove it the other night not last night. (12-20)

yes, the fuzzy is new. it seems to me that it would not wear nicely. perhaps thats because my two dogs always have their paws on that.
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