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Drove with Emergency Brake On

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I was rushed and rattled in the morning and drove Papaya with the emergency brake on for approximately 3 miles, at least half that going 55mph.

Honestly nothing seemed weird until I pulled into the parking garage. When I parked and reached down to engage the emergency brake it was already up. That's when I noticed the dinky red brake light was illuminated. :oops: There was a very faint smokey smell outside the car...hard to tell if it came from Papaya or was just one of the many unpleasant odors the parking garage offers.

I feel really horrible about this. :cry:

Would driving with the emergency brake on impose a load on the IMA or strain it? The car is due for servicing soon and I can ask that the brake be there something in particular to check for?
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Your probably OK Kathleen. :)

Any further and you'd be in the gray zone. It also depends on how "tight" the brake was on. IMO _NO_ damage will have occurred to the IMA system. But if you want to talk about MPG... :p

However, you may have warped the rear drums. Maybe imperceptibly at this point. @55 on _dry_ pavement and with _NO_ traffic behind you try _GENTLY_ applying the rear brakes, just enough to feel them apply. If you don't get a shudder they your _probably_ OK. But the vibration _may_ progress to a point that it can be felt. This can take several thousand miles. Just keep this in the back of your mind and if the need arises alert your mechanic when you take it in for the repair. Its uncommon and he might mistakenly "rush" the diagnosis and recommend front rotor repairs. :oops:

The rear drums would then have to be machined true and possibly replace the shoes too.
Ha :!: Papaya needs a new set of shoes :p

HTH! :)
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