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Drove with Emergency Brake On

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I was rushed and rattled in the morning and drove Papaya with the emergency brake on for approximately 3 miles, at least half that going 55mph.

Honestly nothing seemed weird until I pulled into the parking garage. When I parked and reached down to engage the emergency brake it was already up. That's when I noticed the dinky red brake light was illuminated. :oops: There was a very faint smokey smell outside the car...hard to tell if it came from Papaya or was just one of the many unpleasant odors the parking garage offers.

I feel really horrible about this. :cry:

Would driving with the emergency brake on impose a load on the IMA or strain it? The car is due for servicing soon and I can ask that the brake be there something in particular to check for?
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A basic rule of competition driving: If you're going to put on the parking brake, put it on tight. It's easy, in the excitement of an autocross, rally, or race, to forget to release it. Plenty of autocross runs have been messed up this way.

Probably no damage, except to ego!
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